After, I believe a week my computer is back and running well.

Well first off, I have stuck to my diet and am loosing weight on track, unfortunately due to a poorly timed incident at work I twisted my ankle about 8 days ago. My doctor said I should be good to workout again starting tomorrow but that I should just go by how my ankle feels. It has felt pretty good today so I think I shouldn’t have any problems. Anyway, I am down 4lbs since the very start, which I believe is pretty good for not being able to work out. 

So I am currently sitting in at 235 which I am happy with. Hopefully this week I can work my ass off a little harder and then make up for my time missed. Anyway, I am going for a quick drive to the store, getting food for the week. I will probably post a few more times tonight. 


Day 1 of 194.

So Day 1 Time to upload some Pictures and measurements! 

Day 1 pictures

(pardon the shitty cropping)

Current measurements:

Neck: 17.0inch

Shoulder: 47.5inch

Bicep: 15.0inch

Chest: 44.5inch 

Waist: 41.0inch

Hip: 45.5inch

Thigh: 27.5inch

Calf: 17.5inch

Weight: 239lbs

BF%: 26

Seated Dumbbell press: 4(s) x 10(r)
Dumbbell side lateral raises: 4(s) x 10(r)
Bent-over dumbbell laterals: 4(s) x 10(r)
Lat Pull down: 4(s) x 10(r)
Barbell Row: 4(s) x 10(r)
One arm Dumbbell rows: 3(s) x 10(r)
Leg raises: 4(s) x 10(r)
Hanging leg raises: 4(s) x 10(r)

Day 1 is off to a good start. Stuck to my diet and just finished my workout. Didn’t run into any problems. Tomorrow I am going to hot yoga for an hour session and going to do cardio! I feel really good an I can say I really regret not deciding to do this sooner. 

I can’t really think of much else to post right now. Thanks a lot everyone who is following this blog!