After, I believe a week my computer is back and running well.

Well first off, I have stuck to my diet and am loosing weight on track, unfortunately due to a poorly timed incident at work I twisted my ankle about 8 days ago. My doctor said I should be good to workout again starting tomorrow but that I should just go by how my ankle feels. It has felt pretty good today so I think I shouldn’t have any problems. Anyway, I am down 4lbs since the very start, which I believe is pretty good for not being able to work out. 

So I am currently sitting in at 235 which I am happy with. Hopefully this week I can work my ass off a little harder and then make up for my time missed. Anyway, I am going for a quick drive to the store, getting food for the week. I will probably post a few more times tonight. 


Day 2 of 194. Pt1/2 

Today I woke up to a blue sky and warm weather (26 and sunny is today’s forecast), which has been a rarity here lately as we have just been getting pounded with rain and cold temperatures. So when a day like today comes around you have to go out and enjoy it. 

Today the plan is to ride roughly 70km. I planned my route that takes me from my house nearly all the way across the city and back. I have done this route before in just over 2 hours but I would really like to improve my time. As well I plan to do about 20 minutes of HIIT. 

I am starting the day today a little late, I got up at 10, showered and got breakfast ready, a handful of frozen raspberries, 1/2 a cup of sugar free vanilla yogurt, 5 small chunks of Mango and 4 egg whites. It is now 10:52 and I am outside enjoying my meal on my deck. 

After my bike ride today I will post up another post with how it went, etc.


Day 1 of 194.

So Day 1 Time to upload some Pictures and measurements! 

Day 1 pictures

(pardon the shitty cropping)

Current measurements:

Neck: 17.0inch

Shoulder: 47.5inch

Bicep: 15.0inch

Chest: 44.5inch 

Waist: 41.0inch

Hip: 45.5inch

Thigh: 27.5inch

Calf: 17.5inch

Weight: 239lbs

BF%: 26

Seated Dumbbell press: 4(s) x 10(r)
Dumbbell side lateral raises: 4(s) x 10(r)
Bent-over dumbbell laterals: 4(s) x 10(r)
Lat Pull down: 4(s) x 10(r)
Barbell Row: 4(s) x 10(r)
One arm Dumbbell rows: 3(s) x 10(r)
Leg raises: 4(s) x 10(r)
Hanging leg raises: 4(s) x 10(r)

Day 1 is off to a good start. Stuck to my diet and just finished my workout. Didn’t run into any problems. Tomorrow I am going to hot yoga for an hour session and going to do cardio! I feel really good an I can say I really regret not deciding to do this sooner. 

I can’t really think of much else to post right now. Thanks a lot everyone who is following this blog!



To all the people who stumble upon this blog.

This marks the beginning of my journey to becoming in shape and happy with my appearance again. I finally have gotten fed up with my body enough that I know that I will regret not acting on it and getting back in shape. 

Starting monday I will be following a strict diet and work out plan. I will post Better starting pics, my body stats (weight, bf%, measurements). I plan to do weekly comparison pics, along with Monthly comparison pics to see the smaller and larger changes. I will also do new measurements every 2 weeks, and I will weigh myself once a week.

I have a 6 month goal, By December 30th I want to have reached my goal. I would like to be down to 190lbs by December 30th and at a body fat of no more than 15% Ideal would be <12%. I am currently at 26% BF with a weight of 240lbs. Measurements will be taken monday like previously said. 

If you have any comments, please feel free to share. It would be great to see some people follow this just for some extra motivation through these next 24 weeks.