After, I believe a week my computer is back and running well.

Well first off, I have stuck to my diet and am loosing weight on track, unfortunately due to a poorly timed incident at work I twisted my ankle about 8 days ago. My doctor said I should be good to workout again starting tomorrow but that I should just go by how my ankle feels. It has felt pretty good today so I think I shouldn’t have any problems. Anyway, I am down 4lbs since the very start, which I believe is pretty good for not being able to work out. 

So I am currently sitting in at 235 which I am happy with. Hopefully this week I can work my ass off a little harder and then make up for my time missed. Anyway, I am going for a quick drive to the store, getting food for the week. I will probably post a few more times tonight. 


Day 2 of 194. Pt1/2 

Today I woke up to a blue sky and warm weather (26 and sunny is today’s forecast), which has been a rarity here lately as we have just been getting pounded with rain and cold temperatures. So when a day like today comes around you have to go out and enjoy it. 

Today the plan is to ride roughly 70km. I planned my route that takes me from my house nearly all the way across the city and back. I have done this route before in just over 2 hours but I would really like to improve my time. As well I plan to do about 20 minutes of HIIT. 

I am starting the day today a little late, I got up at 10, showered and got breakfast ready, a handful of frozen raspberries, 1/2 a cup of sugar free vanilla yogurt, 5 small chunks of Mango and 4 egg whites. It is now 10:52 and I am outside enjoying my meal on my deck. 

After my bike ride today I will post up another post with how it went, etc.